People Are Posting Time Lapse Videos of How Much Their House Plants Move During a Day and They Are Mesmerizing

They might seem motionless but plants continuously move throughout the day.

Although most plants are anchored to the soil, their leaves do change position as their environment changes. Time lapse videos are the best way to capture the tiny movements a plant makes over the course of a day. The sped-up frames show us how much is happening when we aren’t looking.

One of the most spectacular examples of a plant motion time lapse was shared by Twitter user @Melora_1. The video shows a variety of calathea plants move up and down as time passes by on a red clock. These plants are perfect to highlight this miniscule as they tend to “pray” during the nighttime, due to a small “joint” between the leaf and stem. The leaves open to get as much sunlight as possible and move to accommodate the changing positioning of the sun.

Check out more time-lapse videos showing moving plants posted by people on social media and be prepared to marvel at the motility of nature.

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