Traveler T-Shirt With 40 Icons Makes Communication Possible Anytime, Anywhere


As evidenced by these pictures, you can tell almost anything with this amazing T-shirt called IconSpeak. Printed with 40 universal icons, it comes in very handy when you are travelling in a country and don’t speak the local language. The shirt is the brainchild of three Swiss “pen-pushers” who invented it over numerous drinks and after an adventure with a broken-down motorcycle, somewhere in Vietnam. I can understand them – I’ve been there too (i.e. South-East Asia).

travel-t-shirt-icons-communication-1 travel-t-shirt-icons-communication-3 travel-t-shirt-icons-communication-4 travel-t-shirt-icons-communication-5

travel-t-shirt-icons-communication-6 travel-t-shirt-icons-communication-7 travel-t-shirt-icons-communication-8 travel-t-shirt-icons-communication-9

via boredpanda


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