Vacuum Packed Japanese Couples


Some couple try all kinds of romantic tricks to keep love alive for longer, but photographer Haruhiko “Photographer Hal” Kawaguchi needs no tricks: he has actually made a career out of asking couples he doesn’t know to come home and get vacuum packed. And apparently many of them do, alas they seem to be of the weirder lot… Could this work anywhere else than Japan? Anyway, check out the video below the pictures to see how these guys are actually vacuum packed.


vacuum-packed-japanese-couples-3 vacuum-packed-japanese-couples-2vacuum-packed-japanese-couples-5 vacuum-packed-japanese-couples-6 vacuum-packed-japanese-couples-7 vacuum-packed-japanese-couples-8 vacuum-packed-japanese-couples-9 vacuum-packed-japanese-couples-10 vacuum-packed-japanese-couples-12 vacuum-packed-japanese-couples-13 vacuum-packed-japanese-couples-14 vacuum-packed-japanese-couples-15 vacuum-packed-japanese-couples-16 vacuum-packed-japanese-couples-17 vacuum-packed-japanese-couples-18 vacuum-packed-japanese-couples-19 vacuum-packed-japanese-couples-20 vacuum-packed-japanese-couples-21

via Vice, Tumbr, Design in Vogue


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