Vehicles of the Drug War

We are not sure whether the truck made into a ship is (was?) really used to smuggle drugs, or it is just fleeing Cubans who had laid their hands on a truck and turned it into a boat. Anyway, the armored land vehicles are certainly related to the drug war in Mexico that has involved the insane massacre of tens of thousands of innocent people just because the US, instead of devising a proper drug policy at last, has kept imposing its old non-working one on the entire world. I guess we should look at our own backyard and follow the examples of Colorado and Washington instead of fueling this.

mexico_drug_trafficking_cars_041014_1 mexico_drug_trafficking_cars_041014_2 mexico_drug_trafficking_cars_041014_3 mexico_drug_trafficking_cars_041014_4 mexico_drug_trafficking_cars_041014_4b mexico_drug_trafficking_cars_041014_5 mexico_drug_trafficking_cars_041014_6 mexico_drug_trafficking_cars_041014_6b mexico_drug_trafficking_cars_041014_6c mexico_drug_trafficking_cars_041014_6d mexico_drug_trafficking_cars_041014_6e mexico_drug_trafficking_cars_041014_7 mexico_drug_trafficking_cars_041014_8 mexico_drug_trafficking_cars_041014_9 mexico_drug_trafficking_cars_041014_10 mexico_drug_trafficking_cars_041014_11 mexico_drug_trafficking_cars_041014_12

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