Weird Board Games from the Past

I had a chance to play quite a few weird board games as a child, including the socialist version of monopoly (!), but this game of political power and the rest of the games below still came as a surprise.

weird-board-games-from-the-past-1weird-board-games-from-the-past-2 weird-board-games-from-the-past-3 weird-board-games-from-the-past-4 weird-board-games-from-the-past-5 weird-board-games-from-the-past-6

weird-board-games-from-the-past-6b weird-board-games-from-the-past-7 weird-board-games-from-the-past-8 weird-board-games-from-the-past-9
weird-board-games-from-the-past-10 weird-board-games-from-the-past-11 weird-board-games-from-the-past-12 weird-board-games-from-the-past-13
weird-board-games-from-the-past-14 weird-board-games-from-the-past-15 weird-board-games-from-the-past-16 weird-board-games-from-the-past-17

Note the division of labor between the sexes in this last one… Since I’m no sexist I won’t end this post by saying “Oh, the good old days…”, because this is wrong, wrong, wrong:)

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