Which Dictator Killed the Most People in History

Wow, I thought Stalin would be No. 1 but apparently that’s not at all the case. 1 blood drop represents 1 million souls, and someone here has got 78… (click to enlarge)

Which Dictator Killed the Most People in history


  1. Racism is still happening. Also holocaust is bad even though it happened like 60 ish years ago and you call white people’s attrocities not that bad??

  2. out of your mouth you are calling someone else racist when the facts are in front of you, white people suck and are super racist. prime example you

  3. If you want to be fully accurate it was Whites who freed Slaves suffering hundreds of thousands of deaths to defeat an evil so we can play that game all Day and I’m not White.

    • dumbass who took those slaves in the first place, everybody is arguing about which race sucks more but they are all the same race, humans who are the worst

      this post was made by plant gang
      (im sorry i couldnt resist)

  4. You’re right Josh there’s a lot of ignorant people here commenting on things they know nothing about. America today is the Modell for the rest of the world even with all its problems.

  5. Where do you get you’re stats from thats absurd. History is full of murderous monsters of all races and colors. But none come close to Mao, Stalin, or Hitler. Let’s stop this race bating.

  6. Except for mao no one came close to how much British have killed in India alone 60million in 120 years but nobody talks about it

  7. You’re wrong. Sorry. There was a genocide in America, dozens of millions of native Americans died, and you’re saying that America wasn’t built on the backs of native Americans ? Then, you’re saying America wasn’t built on slavery. Do you know what is triangular trade ? Last thing, don’t put fascism, communism and socialism together.

  8. Even if your ancestors didn’t kill off native populations, (which if that is true, good for them), this isn’t a guilt trip, it is simply information. I think you may have misinterpreted the comment as saying “all white people”, while it meant “only white people”

  9. white people: systematically murder almost all native populations
    also white people: enslave millions, committing cultural genocide

    The reason that countries such as America are so powerful is because from the beginning, white people have enslaved native Africans, who were forced to build the nation, with their bare hands. While enslavement has been a part of many civilizations throughout history, enslavement in America was hereditary- someone’s kids were born into it, their kids were born into it, there was no escape.

    What makes me mad is not that it happened, it is that people try to downplay these events, saying that “people make mistakes”, or “it happened a long time ago, forget about it.” These acts were not simply “mistakes”, as they were done deliberately and carefully. You can’t “forget about it”, as the effects are in every aspect of our lives: African American poverty rates are high, incarceration rates are high, and more. These examples are the results of careful and systematic enslavement, segregation, discrimination, and racism.
    I am not going to call you ignorant, or stupid, as you are simply misinformed.

    Even though you didn’t say this, the saying “get out of my country”, used often by white people is among the most hypocritical things one can say. It isn’t your country. You aren’t the original inhabitants, those are the Native Americans, and look where they are now. You didn’t build this country, Africans did, and look where they are now. And, upon all this, you refuse to apologize for your ancestor’s actions, still claiming dominance, refusing to admit you’re wrong. I want to tell these people;”this isn’t your country as much as it is mine. If anybody deserves to be here, it isn’t you”.

    Also, you meant that they conquered most of the world, but in terms of conquered territory, the Mongol Empire holds the record for the biggest empire in human history.

    If this comment was sarcasm, then you need to get an education on humor, as it wasn’t funny, and slavery isn’t something to joke about.

      • first of all you guys need to check your facts before posting, the british empire was the biggest in terms of land but it was spread across the globe in australia and india but they covered 23.84% of the globe where as the mongols only covered 16.11% but that was all one continuous area.

    • Do you know that a black tobacco farmer by the name of Anthony Johnson was the first legal owner of a slave in America? Did you know that the slaves that were brought to America were sold to the American people by their own kind? Did you know that black people are not the only people that have been used for slaves? Every culture of mankind have been enslaved and forced to do something against their will. White, asian, black, Indian, it goes on and on yet the history books don’t point out that when that’s the truth. Every culture has went through the same thing that Africans have. Do you really believe that there wasn’t slavery before? Do you believe that the Asians went all the way to Africa before ever having a slave? Do you believe the north men never had slaves before they came across a black person? Come on, get real! Slavery has been around forever but the only time anyone wants to mention it is when it came to America and the American white people are horrible people and owe the Africans a apology? What about the white people’s ancestors that were enslaved? Do they not matter? Why don’t we blame the people responsible for enslaving the Africans and selling them to the slave traders who brought them to America? You know why no one points the finger at the ones truly responsible, it’s because they are Black Africans and what kind of problems could possibly be caused if they took the responsibility and not the white people? Yeah it wasn’t right to buy a person and use them the way they were used but if you are going to put blame on anyone, put it on everyone involved and don’t act like blacks are the only people that’s ever been enslaved because that’s wrong. If you say the white people of America today owe the blacks a apology for what our ancestors did, you are out of your mind. The past is the past, get over it and enjoy what you have or can have.

    • I agree with what you said, except that slavery was hereditary everywhere in the world, and that it wasn’t ”cultural genocide”, but you’re right, racism is a really stupid thing

  10. Wow, I have never read so many misinformed, misspelled and uneducated responses to any post in a very very long time. I could not get through 20 replies. Who in the world has not heard of Chairman Mao. Someone said in a reply they have never heard of him. Do our schools not teach history anymore? Let alone spelling, grammar and literacy. I knew the numbers attributed to each of these sociopaths but the responses shocked me to my core.

  11. Soo right! Even it is soo sad. And not only in the whole Amerika (North and South) but also of other places, Australia and more. And what about the crusades, how many did they kill?

    • These are singular people who directly ordered the death, the entire European population is to blame for the death of the natives of the Americas, as most of the deaths were from sicknesses such as Typhoid Fever, the Flu, and the Bubonic Plague, and not directly from the massacre, war, and exploration.

      • Did you hear of the conquers giving Native Americans blankets with smallpox? Even if the actions weren’t done deliberately, the diseases had been present in Europe before, they had seen the severity of them, and it doesn’t take a genius to put two and two together.

        • The Europeans had built up a immunity to small pox after being exposed to it so much. Where as the native Americans had not. Thats why the native Americans died from it. If the blankets carried small pox it would have killed the Europeans but it did not because they built a immunity to it meaning their is no way they could have known those blankets even had had small pox.

    • Yea but he wasn’t a dictator, he was supreme overlord with all power over everyone in the majority of Asia

  12. Hiter: i killed 13 million people!
    Stalin: well i killed 17 million people!
    Mao: amateurs.
    Stalin or hitler, you decide: what did you say, punk?
    Mao: i said, amateurs.

  13. We think that Hitler was the greatest killer in history. But he wasn’t. All historians “forgot” to tell us the truth. Why? Because the history are made by the winners.

    • you do know that literally all of them, aside from Belgium, lost, correct? “History is written by the winners”, and Communist China definitely was NOT a winner.

  14. I believe 78 million for Mao may be high. Ive heard it to be around 45 million. I remember from history class that he was known most for killing all the landlords. But I’m definitely not a history expert

    • Mao killed 45 milliom2 just during the “Great Leap Forward” alone. That’s probably what you’re thinking of. That was only a 5 year period of his nearly 30 year rule.

  15. Recently, I found out that, in my daughter’s Chinese course, Mao is mentioned twice : first with a quotation of a “wise” sentence of his, and secondly with the title of one of his writings.
    My question is : do you think it would be possible to have such references to Hitler in a German course ? Or course not ! Everyone would yell !
    So the question is : why the 18 millions victims of Hitler are more respected than the 78 millions of Mao ? Interesting question : try to answer and you will have a great deal of problems…

    • Exactly I agree with you 110% and this is the first time I have heard about this mao guy. But for a guy to kill 78 million people and basically be unnoticed by the world and idolized by his current country’s citizens is darn right outrageous. Espically when we have people in Germany getting sent to jail for saying the holocaust didn’t happen.

    • I think Hitler’s looked at more of as a killer whereas Mao didn’t directly kill people but his cultural revolution led to a lot of deaths.

      that may not be a very satisfying answer but also keep mind when Germany fell the Nazis were no longer able to shape the narrative.

      The China today is the same China from world war II, they can control the room narrative.

      • Best comment on the article Demi ? China has begun eulogising Marx again recently, despite Beijing’s current ideology being very corporatist. The party has evolved under different leaders, but the narrative has always been closely controlled.

    • Hitler killed people because of Ethnic Cleansing, Mao didn’t kill people directly or on purpose, he just didn’t stop it.


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