Which Dictator Killed the Most People in History

Wow, I thought Stalin would be No. 1 but apparently that’s not at all the case. 1 blood drop represents 1 million souls, and someone here has got 78…


  1. Hiter: i killed 13 million people!
    Stalin: well i killed 17 million people!
    Mao: amateurs.
    Stalin or hitler, you decide: what did you say, punk?
    Mao: i said, amateurs.

  2. Not one person, but between 5-15 million people systematically slaughtered in the name of civilization…Native Americans at the hands of white men.

  3. We think that Hitler was the greatest killer in history. But he wasn’t. All historians “forgot” to tell us the truth. Why? Because the history are made by the winners.

  4. I believe 78 million for Mao may be high. Ive heard it to be around 45 million. I remember from history class that he was known most for killing all the landlords. But I’m definitely not a history expert

  5. Recently, I found out that, in my daughter’s Chinese course, Mao is mentioned twice : first with a quotation of a “wise” sentence of his, and secondly with the title of one of his writings.
    My question is : do you think it would be possible to have such references to Hitler in a German course ? Or course not ! Everyone would yell !
    So the question is : why the 18 millions victims of Hitler are more respected than the 78 millions of Mao ? Interesting question : try to answer and you will have a great deal of problems…

    • Exactly I agree with you 110% and this is the first time I have heard about this mao guy. But for a guy to kill 78 million people and basically be unnoticed by the world and idolized by his current country’s citizens is darn right outrageous. Espically when we have people in Germany getting sent to jail for saying the holocaust didn’t happen.


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