Women’s Ideal Body Types Throughout History


Buzzfeed’s video staff created a video with live models showing us how the concept of an ideal woman’s body type has changed over time. Apparently there was glory for all types of women throughout history, the only question being when… Anyway, here are some teaser snapshots, followed by the video itself, and then another set of pictures showing how much the “perfect” female body has changed in the past 100 Years.

women-ideal-body-type-history-video-1 women-ideal-body-type-history-video-12 women-ideal-body-type-history-video-13

women-ideal-body-type-history-video-14 women-ideal-body-type-history-video-15women-ideal-body-type-history-video-20women-ideal-body-type-history-video-16
women-ideal-body-type-history-video-17women-ideal-body-type-history-video-8 women-ideal-body-type-history-video-19women-ideal-body-type-history-video-11

And here goes that other set of pictures detailing the changes in the past 100 years:


BodyImage_1920_v2 BodyImage_1930_v2 BodyImage_1940_1 BodyImage_1950
BodyImage_1960_v2 BodyImage_1970 BodyImage_1980_V3 BodyImage_1990_v2
BodyImage_2000 BodyImage_2010_v2

To sum up:


Via boredpanda, Greatist


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