World’s Tallest Tree is Higher Than Big Ben


In 2006, Humboldt State University measured and verified that Hyperion – a 379.1 foot tall redwood tree – is truly the world’s tallest living tree. Hyperion was the largest of three redwoods discovered this summer, which eclipse the previous world record holder, a 370.5-foot tall redwood dubbed Stratosphere Giant, which you can see below.

Stratosphere Giant (370 feet tall) by James Balog. Due to such immense size, James had to take a multitude of photos and stitch them together.

Although several other trees have been recorded to be taller than this giant, most of them have fallen to mid/early 60’s heavy deforestation of the Redwood region. In fact more than 90% of state’s ancient forests have been logged during those times until 1978, when the area was purchased and extended into a National Park. People speculate that thousands of trees – some even larger and taller than the Hyperion – were cut down during the 24/7 logging shifts of 60’s and 70’s.

As with all of these rare trees, the exact location is held in secret and only 3 groups of people were ever able to find it and document it. Nevertheless, here is a video about climbing the World’s Tallest Tree.

via Like to Waste My Time, Origo



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