Zrínyi’s Charge in 3D

Witness this unique act of self-sacrifice from exactly 450 years ago in 3D.


What French clergyman and statesman Cardinal Richelieu described as “the battle that saved civilization” occurred in 1566 when Nikola Šubić Zrinski (Hungarian: Zrínyi Miklós), former Ban of Croatia, and the invading Sultan Suleiman the Magnificent both fought their last battle in Szigetvár (Sziget Castle), Hungary.

Around 150,000 Turkish soldiers attacked the 2,300 Hungarian / Croatian / Serbian defenders in the casle, and the siege ended with a last heoric breakout from the castle by Zrínyi and his men, who took around 20,000 attackers with them to the other side.

Now, thanks to ekho, here’s how it all might have looked in 3D(!) based on a painting by Johann Peter Krafft (1825):


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