A Literally Handwritten Typeface

This will come in handy.

Craft Artist Turns Kids’ Drawings into Stuffed Toys

Great idea & great implementation.

A Day in the Life of a Russian Bench

There is an animated version too.

Amazing Never-Before-Seen Photos of ’90s New York

The Big Apple before the millennium.

Weird Kafka-Style Anatomies and Metamorphoses

I'm so moved by this art.

Amazing Perspectival Street Art on a Berlin Fence

Whoever did this was a genius.

People Who Accidentally Found Their Lookalikes in Museums

Wow, I don't know if I want that experience '.'

Musical Instruments from Inside

Let's play a little game. Can you recognize them from inside?

Guy Turns Thrift Store Painting Into Lord of the Rings Scene

Wait till you see the end result.

Body Scapes: Our Bodies Are Mountains

We are growing into mountains.

The Poem That Can Be Read in Two Ways

Literally amazing.
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