Portals Built in Lithuania and Poland Allow People to See Each Other in Real Time

Tired of pandemic travel restrictions and eager to get out and see new people? Why not try a real-time "portal" to another city?

600-Year-Old Golden Eagle Sculpture Unearthed at Aztec Temple in Amazing Condition

This beautiful golden eagle is very well-preserved, and for a reason.

Famous Paintings & Cartoon Characters Recreated Using Artificial Intelligence

Some of your favorite paintings and cartoon characters brought to real life using AI.

Mind-Blowing Psychedelic Rugs By Azerbaijani Designer Faig Ahmed

Ancient Azerbaijan meets psychedelic art.

This Ramen Face Mask Fogs Up Your Glasses Just Like a Real Bowl of Hot Noodles

Mask wearing doesn't have to be boring - how about wearing half a bowl of ramen on your face?

Las Pozas: The Surrealistic Wonderland Hidden in the Middle of the Jungle

This must be one of the strangest places on Earth.
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