This Fluffy Egg-Shaped Bird Can Do Perfect Splits

If you’re not a bird watching fan yet, this guy might get you on the hook.

Amazing Animation Shows Bird Migration Over Europe Tracked by GPS

Birds migrating through Europe overnight.

Pair of Uniquely Preserved Prehistoric Cave Lions Found in Siberian Permafrost

Needless to say, scientists want to clone them. And it's much easier to clone them than the woolly mammoth...

Bizarre ‘Red Glob’ Washed Ashore on Washington Beach Baffles Scientists

Scientists are making guesses as to what it could be.

Scientists Solve Mystery of Deep-Sea Fish With Tubular Eyes and Transparent Head

The barreleye fish might look like a submarine, but its tubular eyes and transparent head are necessary to navigate the 2,500-feet-deep waters in which it dwells.

Underwater Footage Captures the Fascinating Way Flamingos Eat

Dive into the underwater world of flamingo dining!

This All-Black Penguin May Be the Only One of Its Kind on the Planet

The loneliest penguin in the world.
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