This Breed of Bunny Walks on Its Front Legs and We Finally Know Why

No, it's not a circus trick. This is how Sauteur d'Alfort rabbits actually get around.

Humpback Whale Rescued By Removing Over 37 Meters Of Rope

This is how we are entangling sea mammals.

Dogs May Have Been Domesticated in a Single Cave in Germany

Scientists have discovered the remains of what may be the world’s earliest domesticated wolves. Or dogs. Or something between the two.

The Breed Behind Viral Image of Dog Comforted By Sheep It Saved from Wolf Attack

The bite force of this dog is three times stronger than a pit bull's - almost like a grizzly's.

Oldest Wild Bird On Record Has New Chick At 70

Oldest bird has new chick!

Can We Domesticate And Ride Zebras?

Is riding a zebra a crazy idea?

Ferret That Died in 1988 Is Brought Back to Life by Scientists

Meet black-footed ferret Elizabeth Ann, whose "original version" has been dead for more than 30 years.

A Visual Comparison of 55 Bird Species by Size

From largest to the smallest.
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