Man Finds Abandoned Parrott Egg And Decides to Hatch It

Is hatching an abandoned parakeet egg possible at all? Well, check this out.

This Hero Rat Awarded Gold Medal For Saving Human Lives Is Having a Retirement Party

A rat hero in Cambodia is retiring this month. Hats off to him!

Jurassic Park 1.0: Chicken With Dinosaur Features Have Been Created by Scientists

The scientific consultant for Jurassic Park is also involved...

Here is Why You Haven’t Seen a Baby Pigeon Before and How Adorable They Are

How come baby pigeons are so cute but we never see them?

Koalas Rescued During Australia’s Record-Breaking Bushfire Season Are Being Released Back Into the Wild

Against all odds, koalas ravaged by Australia's unprecedented wildfire season are finally going home.

Scientists Find An Intact Dinosaur Tail For The First Time And It Is All Covered in Feathers

The tail of a feathered dinosaur has been found perfectly preserved in amber.

Polar Bear/Grizzly Hybrids Could Become More Common Due To Climate Change

The curious polar-grizzly hybrid known as "pizzly" or "grolar bear" could become much more common as the climate warms.
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