The Seal Map of Scotland

Human seal sightings in Scotland.

Take a Look Inside a Termite Mound

A termite colony from inside.

Plants That Keep Bugs Away

I know what I will plant tomorrow.

Regional Giraffe Patterns Throughout Africa

Who knew giraffes had different patterns?

These Photos Are Proof That Gorillas Actually Enjoy Taking Selfies

Who said selfie culture was limited to the Homo Sapiens?

How to Find a Lost Dog

Hm, seems interesting. Do you think it could work?

Know Your Penguins

The Macaroni, the Rockhopper, the Fairy and the rest of 'em cuties.

Historical and Current Range of the Lion

The old world of the lion.

Toads Take a Ride on 11-Foot Python

The Python service comes in handy in case of flooding.
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