Meet Jonathan, the Oldest Terrestrial Animal in the World

I needed a bath after all those years.

Both Faces of Macaques

The macaques are attacking, but are they the ones to blame?

Meet Nelson, The Spikeless Hedgehog

No, not a dinosaur egg.

Bees Feeding Off M&Ms Produce Candy Colored Honey

Whether the honey also tasted like M&Ms remains a mystery.

Meet the Largest Raptor of the Rainforest

I wouldn’t want to meet its claws.

This is What Would Happen if You Actually Had a Dinosaur

Planning to keep a dinosaur as a pet?

How Much Resources it Takes to Have One Pound of Beef

The beef of it is that it is killer...

This Parrot Can Play the Drums

And plays 'em well too...  
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