Ancient Lakes of the Sahara

Not so long ago the Sahara was a big Lake District.

Regional Giraffe Patterns Throughout Africa

Who knew giraffes had different patterns?

Utah Named Nerdiest State in the US by Study Mapping Sci-fi and Anime Fans

Find out where your state ranks in terms of nerdom.

Current Logos of National Railway Companies in Europe

Worlds (letters) cannot express what to expect.

What the Known World Looked Like When Jesus Christ Was Crucified

The world Jesus lived (and died) in.

World Map of Lakes

A handful of countries have most of all lakes around the world.

What If Mars Had an Atmosphere?

Mars as a living planet.

Differences in Elevation Across the United States

The United States of Elevation.

Time Zones on Antarctica

Life in all these time zones would (will?) be chaotic.

Watch Planet Earth Evolve from the Last Ice Age to 1000 Years into the Future

Watch the ice sheet retreat and the planet change.

The Most Suitable Habitats for Homo Sapiens

Comfortable habitat for Homo Sapiens around the world.

Zoom in on the Natural Environment of Cold War USSR

Zoom in on the USSR's nature or what.
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