1659 Map of a Not Yet Fully Discovered Australia

What had been discovered from Australia 43 years after first European contact.

Map of Michigan’s Fruit Belt

Why this US region is unique for fruit production.

The Mafias in Italy

Italy's mafia coverage.

The Most Photographed Places on Earth

Wow, who knew tourism was THAT Europe-centered?

An Accurate View of Ancient Carthage

Including what the magnificent port looks like today.

WW2 Map of Ireland to Deter Invaders

Don't come to Ireland.

The World of Infrastructure

Tracking down the means of civilization.

States That Once Existed in Asia

Former states in Asia 1860-2018.

Exposure to Ambient Air Pollution Around the World

Air pollution around the world.

Urban Dictionary Map of Europe

Hm, I feel like having a Belorussian breakfast.
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