This Little Fish Is The First Example Of An Animal Domesticating Another Animal

First example of an animal domesticating another animal.

Bioscience Firm To Revive Woolly Mammoths In Attempt To Restore Tundra Ecosystem

The woolly mammoth appears to be standing up again.

Wild Lioness Spotted Nursing a Leopard Cub for the First Time Ever

Lioness spotted feeding a little leopard.

Chimps and Bonobos Greet and Bid Farewell to Each Other Much Like Humans Do, New Study Finds

Saying "hello" and "goodbye" are standard human interactions that have never before been identified in non-human species. Until now.

Ruins of a 5th-Century Byzantine Basilica Have Been Spotted in a Turkish Lake During a Helicopter Survey

Basilica in the city lake. How come noone discovered it before?

This Man Intentionally Subjected Himself to the Sting/Bite of 83 Different Insects to Create a Sting Pain Index

Think your job is painful? Try spending a workday with Justin Schmidt, father of the Schmidt sting pain index.
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