Which Musicians Played in the Most Countries Each Year Between 1955 and 2019

The highest figures are so unbelievable. Wow.

Rare Footage of Victorian/Edwardian Workers Staring Into Your Eyes

Look into those eyes, they tell it all.

Amazing Visual Comparison of How Planets Rotate & Tilt

There are some huge differences in rotational speed and axis.

Amazing Footage from the Surface of a Comet

Yes, you read it well, footage from the surface of a comet!

Human Gaze and Foot Placement When Walking Over Rough Terrain

It is interesting to see how much eye movement walking on rough terrain involves.

What Happens If You Pull the Plug in the Mariana Trench

When you unplug the Mariana Trench.

Latitude Comparison of North America and Europe/North Africa

In terms of latitudes, most of Europe is in Canada.

The Mona Lisa’s Distribution of Pixels

Wow, the transformation is amazing.

Using the Internet in 1979

What using the (predecessor of the) Internet looked like in 1979...

This Parrot Can Play the Drums

And plays 'em well too...  

Wham vs. Slayer Rulez

Who would have thought so?
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