Americans Freak Out at the Sight of This Horror Roundabout in Swindon UK

For somebeody used to right-hand traffic, getting through this roundabout would probably be just impossible.

Meet The World’s Largest Land Crab That May Have Eaten Amelia Earhart Alive

This guy can rip open a coconut with its power-claws, and it can also climb trees (ouch).

This Breed of Bunny Walks on Its Front Legs and We Finally Know Why

No, it's not a circus trick. This is how Sauteur d'Alfort rabbits actually get around.

Amazing Colorized and Upscaled Footage Takes You on a Flying Train Ride in 1902 Germany

Amazing footage of the flying train and the story of the elephant that fell from it.

Tens Of Thousands Of Migrating Turtles Captured by Breathtaking Drone Footage

Ever seen 64,000 migrating turtles in one shot? Well, here's your chance.
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