The Beauty of Pi: Generate Your Own Poster

Print π and put it on your wall!

This Butt Lamp Gets Turned On When Slapped

It's very safe, LOL.

Preventive Punishment for Robots

I must not hurt humans, I must not hurt humans, I must not hurt humans...

Volkswagen Balls

Vehicle of tomorrow.

Craft a Metal Detector in 6 Easy Steps

That's much easier than I thought... Now, where did I put that old FM radio?

The Ikarus Office: Ultimate Eastern European Bus Modding

Finally, a good use for the Ikarus 260!

Ring Roads of the World as a Rose

Ring roads are beautiful.

A Cool Way to Organize Your Books

Do try this at home.

Eternal Hugs or The Handycoat

Today's fashion tip.

Troublemakers (And How Much Their Bikes Cost)

Man, how I envied these guys...
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