Fascinating Relief Map of the World’s Largest Lake

A quarter of Earth's freshwater resides here.

Animation Shows Route of the First Recorded Ocean Crossing by a Great White Shark

An amazing and historic trip by a white shark.

Amazing Animation of How Earth Breathes

Yes, it's a living planet, and I hope it'll stay like that earthlings.

Meet Nelson, The Spikeless Hedgehog

No, not a dinosaur egg.

Where the Different Elements Come From

We are all starchildren.

Bees Feeding Off M&Ms Produce Candy Colored Honey

Whether the honey also tasted like M&Ms remains a mystery.

Shipwrecks: North America’s Hidden Time Bombs

Some of those yellow dots are actually quite hazardous...

What Antartica Would Look Like Without Ice

It could become reality soon...

The Entire Universe Squeezed Into One Image

An eye to the universe.
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