Here Are the Worst & Safest Countries for Solo Female Travel in 2019

Worth checking out. Some surprises there.

Map of Michigan’s Fruit Belt

Why this US region is unique for fruit production.

The Mafias in Italy

Italy's mafia coverage.

The Most Photographed Places on Earth

Wow, who knew tourism was THAT Europe-centered?

The World of Infrastructure

Tracking down the means of civilization.

Horizon on Different Worlds

The sky is different on any planet you visit.

Exposure to Ambient Air Pollution Around the World

Air pollution around the world.

Take a Ride on the Mysterious Pyongyang Metro in North Korea

You can feel the dictatorship down there.

How Weather Fronts Form (And Give You a Headache)

This is happening to me now.

Ancient Lakes of the Sahara

Not so long ago the Sahara was a big Lake District.
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