Zealandia: Earth’s Hidden Continent

There's yet another continent. Did you know?

Farmland Map of the World

Those areas in light green are getting bigger and bigger.

Earth’s Major Tectonic Plates

Why (where) earthquakes happen.

What Sunset Would Look Like On Habitable Planets

One day you might get a real glimpse of this, earthlings.

The Eurasian Ice Age River System and What Its Collapse Led To

The original Brexit is a fact!

Amazing 3D Relief Map of Austria-Hungary

The moment before Europe exploded.

Historical and Current Range of the Lion

The old world of the lion.

Tepee Designs of Native American Tribes

Native American tepee design.

Amazing Animation of How Major Brazilian Rivers Flow

Where Brazilian rivers flow.

Hundred Largest Islands of the World

The biglands.

How the Shape of the Percieved World Changed Over the Centuries

Yeah, the world is changing, but so much?

Worst Halloween Kid Costumes Ever

Some parents are just too weird.
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