Street Network Orientation of Major Cities

City street networks from most-ordered/gridded (Chicago) to most-disordered (Charlotte).

Bad News: 1 in 6 Cellphones Are Contaminated With Fecal Matter [INFOGRAPHIC]

And if this is not enough to scare you...

A New Yorker’s Idea of the United States 1922 vs 1936 vs 1970

Did New Yorkers regard the United States differently in 1922, 1936 and 1970? Well, not really...

How to Survive an Animal Attack by North America’s Primary Predators

The dos and don’ts when encountering wild animals in nature that might want to eat you.

All the Companies Disney Owns on One Infographic

Pretty cool and also a bit terrifying.

Olympic Evolution: Participation of Nations in the Summer Olympics Since 1896

How the Olympics has grown to become a world culture phenomenon.

How Optical Illusions Trick Your Mind

An amazing animated infographic of how optical illusions work.

Land Required for Animal Based Diet vs Plant Based Diet

Could it save the planet if we all went vegan?

The Amazon Fires Are So Big They Can Be Seen from Space

NASA has released images from space showing the incredible extent of the fires.
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