Weird and Wonderful Natural Phenomena

A great collection of 'wow'.

Amazingly Detailed Timeline of World History from 1881

This synchronized everything from Adam to Zelda (almost).

The Dutch Spirit in New York City: How Manhattan Island Has Grown

The Dutch spirit has never left New York.

Dog Breeds Ranked by Temperament

Dogs are of course all individuals but...

The Scariest Urban Legend in Each US State

Apparently, every US state has at least one urban legend that is really scary.

Your Beer Pong Safety Instructions for Next Weekend

Your beer pong safety card, sir.

How You Can Turn From Hipster to Hippie

Are you a hipster? You are in immediate danger of morphing into a hippie.

Vintage Map Shows Dog Breeds of the World in 1936

Some of the specimens depicted here differ quite a bit from their modern counterparts.

Number of Changes in National Flags Around the World

How much the flag of each country in the world has changed over the centuries.

A Guide To Dog-To-Dog Greetings

This can come in very handy when taking your dog for a walk.

Every Actor That’s Ever Played a Superhero

If superheroes are your thing, this infographic is your thing!
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