This Is Not a Huge Carpet But the World’s Largest Mosaic Unearthed in Turkey

As if a few acres of gently rolling hills had been covered by a huge, beautiful carpet...

Now We Know For Sure: The Vikings Were Present in America Exactly 1000 Years Ago

The Vikings were definitely in America exactly 1000 years ago.

A Genoan Monk Knew About America 150 Years Before Columbus “Discovered” It

Looks like, everybody knew about it except for Columbus.

This Is What Ancient Greece Really Looked Like – Well, Most Probably

Ancient Greece was much more colorful than you would've thought.

Scientists Ate a Stew from a 50,000-Year-Old Bison to See What It Tastes Like

Here's what 50,000-year-old meat tastes like.

Ruins of a 5th-Century Byzantine Basilica Have Been Spotted in a Turkish Lake During a Helicopter Survey

Basilica in the city lake. How come noone discovered it before?

The Bizarre Mystery Of The Skeleton Lake

A deadly mystery.
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