This Alien Facehugger Is Probably the Scariest Protective Face Mask Around

During the boring hours of the quarantine, people are getting very creative with their protective face masks. For example, check out this Alien facehugger themed one by Lady Frankenstein, which she created for her husband. Be safe, dear!


  1. My nine year old would die of happiness for one of those please let me know when you make some more I would be happy to buy one

  2. If anyone can contact the person who made this, can you tell her to make 4 of these? I would pay $25 for each of them.

  3. OMG!!! Please please please this so so AWESOME! I hate the face masks….but this one I would HAPPILY wear!! Please make and sell???????

  4. I came here to buy one?❤
    Dude you have peeps asking?
    Get yo butt busy?
    Email me when or if you decide you are going to make them.
    Stay safe

  5. I WANTS THE PRECIOUS! Damn, sell these on Etsy or eBay, lady. I want one. Make for a great simple Halloween costume.


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