This Man Intentionally Subjected Himself to the Sting/Bite of 83 Different Insects to Create a Sting Pain Index

Think your job is painful? Try spending a workday with Justin Schmidt, father of the Schmidt sting pain index.

Tasmanian Devils Wipe Out 6,000 Penguins After Being Introduced On Australian Island

Messing around with nature and it's unexpected consequences.

Native Gray Wolves Spotted In Colorado For The First Time Since The 1940s

Good news folks, I mean wolves, from Colorado!

Shark Hunters Discover New Population of Four-Legged Fish Fossil That Predates Dinosaurs

It has survived the dinosaurs, but will it survive us humans?

Man Finds Abandoned Parrott Egg And Decides to Hatch It

Is hatching an abandoned parakeet egg possible at all? Well, check this out.

This Hero Rat Awarded Gold Medal For Saving Human Lives Is Having a Retirement Party

A rat hero in Cambodia is retiring this month. Hats off to him!
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