Jurassic Park 1.0: Chicken With Dinosaur Features Has Been Created by Scientists

The scientific consultant for Jurassic Park is also involved...

Scientists Find An Intact Dinosaur Tail For The First Time And It Is All Covered in Feathers

The tail of a feathered dinosaur has been found perfectly preserved in amber.

This Is What The Sunken Graveyards Of The Great Lakes Look Like

The Great Lakes hold the secret of 8000 shipwrecks.

Andean People Already Perfected Skull Surgery Thousands of Years Ago

Skull surgery performed by our ancestors.

Amazing Colorized and Upscaled Footage Takes You on a Flying Train Ride in 1902 Germany

Amazing footage of the flying train and the story of the elephant that fell from it.

Dogs May Have Been Domesticated in a Single Cave in Germany

Scientists have discovered the remains of what may be the world’s earliest domesticated wolves. Or dogs. Or something between the two.

The Unbelievable Precision of Inca Architecture

What ancient technology did Incas use to assemble the stones so perfectly?

World’s Oldest DNA Recovered From Million-Year-Old Gigantic Mammoths

Will we soon see these guys roaming around?
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