Amazing Colorized and Upscaled Footage Takes You on a Flying Train Ride in 1902 Germany

Amazing footage of the flying train and the story of the elephant that fell from it.

Dogs May Have Been Domesticated in a Single Cave in Germany

Scientists have discovered the remains of what may be the world’s earliest domesticated wolves. Or dogs. Or something between the two.

The Unbelievable Precision of Inca Architecture

What ancient technology did Incas use to assemble the stones so perfectly?

World’s Oldest DNA Recovered From Million-Year-Old Gigantic Mammoths

Will we soon see these guys roaming around?

The Deadliest Pandemics In History And How They Ended

An eerie but interesting read.

600-Year-Old Golden Eagle Sculpture Unearthed at Aztec Temple in Amazing Condition

This beautiful golden eagle is very well-preserved, and for a reason.

Four-Year-Old Finds Incredibly Preserved 220 Million-Year-Old Dinosaur Footprint

What may sometimes be an arduous process for fossil hunters came easily for a little girl.

Here’s What Makes Mount Vesuvius One of the Most Dangerous Volcanos in the World

This is what makes living near Mount Vesuvius so dangerous!

Here Are the World’s Oldest Clothes and They Still Look Beautiful Today

These clothes weren't mass procuced, which might explain why they have survived millennia.
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