Glass Beach: When Nature Corrects Humans’ Mistakes

Back in the Soviet Union, the idea of nature conservation was simply unheard of. So the comrades decided to use Ussuri Bay near Vladivostok to simply dump old beer, wine and vodka bottles and porcelain into the sea.

Over the decades, the waves of the North Pacific have washed the shreds of the bottles into millions of smooth and colorful ‘pebbles’ that have turned the area from a no-go zone to a tourist attraction that visitors pay to see.

glass beach russia
Ussuri Bay was once considered dangerous, but authorities have now declared it a specially protected area that is popular with both tourists and locals. Image credit: Anna Pozharskaya
glass pebbles
Image credit: bluesbby
glass beach ussuri bay
Image credit: Anna Pozharskaya
glass pebbles glass beach
Image credit: RGO
glass shreds glass beach
Image credits: ula1673
glass beach
Image credit: grunja
glass pebbles
Image credit: dumbrava_regina
glass beach russia
Image credit: grunja
glass pebbles in hand
Image credit: mgermani
glass beach ussuri russia
Image credit: yuliya_savkina



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