Guide to British Slang

Blimey, lost the plot.

british slang


  1. Being made redundant is not the same as being fired. Redundancy is when a company cuts staff because of a rethink the positions they need. They pay the redundant person a predetermined number of weeks wages (redundancy pay). They cannot then employ someone in that same post. The position is no-longer needed- not the person that was doing that job.

  2. I using some of them on mt English page on speaking English I hope this will give them and Idea practicing English for pakistani and Asian people

  3. Just one quibble – “To take the Piss”, in my book, means to send someone up, i.e. to tease them in an unfriendly way.
    Never heard of “Strawberry Creams”, always used to call them “Bristols”.


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