Americans Freak Out at the Sight of This Horror Roundabout in Swindon UK

For somebeody used to right-hand traffic, getting through this roundabout would probably be just impossible.

The roundabout is quite an unusual concept in the US, so when one Reddit user decided to post a photo of one to “spook” Americans, the responses definitely came up to his expectations.

By the way, that roundabout isn’t just any roundabout. It’s the so-called “Magic Roundabout” in Swindon, UK. Why is it magic? Well, probably because it’s magic to get through it.

It has a main roundabout in the middle, with five mini-roundabouts around it. Traffic flow around the inner circle is anticlockwise, while around the five mini-roundabouts on the outer loop traffic flows in the usual clockwise manner.

Here’s a video to prove just how visually complicated it might seem to some (in reality, it’s actually relatively straightforward).

When user Mamoof posted a bird’s eye view of the roundabout to the Casual UK subreddit, people in the US were shocked.

“American here. This genuinely terrifies me,” one of them wrote.

Another simply asked: “What the bloody hell?”

“Waiting for Tesla full self-driving beta to arrive at this beast,” said a third.

Even some of the Brits in the comment section were uncomfortable with the roundabout. One top comment read: “People usually get anxious when approaching this roundabout but it’s incredibly easy to use. You simply turn right, right again and then leave Swindon.”

A second commenter wrote: “The only reason to be in Swindon, is to leave Swindon.”

“Always best to get the hell out of Swindon before dark,” a third one insisted.

And he’s probably right. Because what would you do if you saw this at night?

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