This Ramen Face Mask Fogs Up Your Glasses Just Like a Real Bowl of Hot Noodles

Mask wearing doesn’t have to be boring – how about wearing half a bowl of ramen on your face?

The long days spent in quarantine has made a lot of people get creative about their face masks, resulting in hilarious pieces like the alien facehugger mask we presented on The Mission earlier. This time, Japanese artist Takahiro Shibata created a 3D mask that makes you look like you’ve fallen asleep half way through a bowl of steaming noodles. With even your glasses fogged up, just like with a real bowl of the stuff.

We don’t know what specific materials Shibata used to make his ramen mask, but the meticulously made mask features everything you’d expect from a good bowl of ramen: menma bamboo shoots; chashu braised pork; finely chopped scallions; a slice of fu wheat gluten; noodles; and a fatty, glistening broth. But the real surprise comes when you put the mask on. Designed specifically for people who wear glasses, the trapped air from the user’s mouth seeps up to fog up their lenses, creating the appearance of steam.

The first question that comes up when looking at this rather atypical mask, to say the least, is who would actually want to wear a bowl of ramen on their face – especially one that impairs their vision. It turns out there are people who actually would. Shibata’s peculiar creation quickly went viral on Twitter after he posted photos of it earlier this week, with many people commenting on how much they love it.

One Twitter user wrote, “Excellent way to work with the problem of fogged-up glasses rather than fight against it!” Another person suggested, “You should get a ramen store to sell these as souvenir items! They’d sell out immediately!” Others plainly asked: “Where can I buy one?!”

We’re not sure if the mask will be up for sale any time soon, but you can always check Shibata’s Twitter account for updates.

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