Snake Eaten by Frog Appears to Be Letting Out Last Scream

Snakes are well-known for swallowing their prey whole, but this unlucky little serpent’s fortune appears to have turned.

Photographer Julie-Anne O’Neill has claimed credit for the image, in a Google+ post in November 2016. She wrote there that this image of an Australian green tree frog eating a brown snake
was taken at night with a Canon EOS 550D. (However, as the image has been seen online prior to her post, her claim cannot be confirmed.) O’Neill adds:

“Previous to the capture, I had been led to believe that they ate only insects. The Australian Brown Snake is highly venomous. Although the snake had bitten the frog, as you will see if you enlarge the photo, the frog survived. Not such a happy ending for the snake however…”

Indeed, the expression on the snake’s face is comparable that of the fish photographed inside a jellyfish, for whom the ending probably wasn’t happy either.


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