The World From Above

Hey, this is how you earthlings look from above. Whenever I come here on a mission from my native Planet Anchor, this is the sight that awaits me. In 1879 a fellow ufonaut called Charles Sanders Peirce developed a conformal map projection of this magnificient site, with the distinctive property that it can be tiled ad infinitum on the plane, with edge-crossings being completely smooth except for four singular points per tile. Typically the projection is oriented such that the north pole lies at the center. Earthlings, zoom and look up!

world from above
Peirce quincuncial projection of the world. The red equator is a square whose corners are the only four points on the map at which the projection fails to be conformal. Image credit: Wikipedia


  1. Because globers have no real understanding of how a flat earther sees the “flat disk” in their mind, they are the ones that draw up all of the crazy stupid shit and say look at what these flat earthers think they live on. For the moment, let’s remove the Scriptures. For the moment. For the moment, let’s remove NASA’S fake CGI they show us. Okay? Now, anybody that truly believes in their heart and in their brilliant minds believes that the earth spins around on an axis not 1 person has ever seen at 1,039 mph, that you never feel, while the earth and the moon are spinning a totally different direction/rotation at 66,000 mph and you never feel anything , while the earth, moon, and the sun with all of their spinning all over the place like a ride at the Thomas Shows Carnival when the rodeo came to town goes bumbling through the Milky Way galaxy at 666,000 mph while still blasting away end over end bumbling and tumbling from the big bang lie over 2,000,000 mph and you feel more inertia coming off of a merry go round in kindergarten class needs to be kept in a straight jacket in a padded room with sedatives at the ready.
    The very first English translation of The Word is in the William Tyndale 1537 Bible. In (2 Samuel 11:11) shockingly we find the 3 words “THE FLATT ERTHE.” Modern day Bibles may shock you just the same. That’s why [JESUS THE FATHER] tells us to read [HIS WORD]. It is [HE] who sits upon the [DISK] of the earth! (Isaiah 40:22 (ISV)). The earth you live on is flat! I know, I know. It’s madness! It’s lunacy! There are people who believe the leaders of the world are lizards, but laugh out loud in your face just for saying the words ‘Flat Earth.’ Society has been conditioned and preprogrammed to believe that anyone who even talks about a ‘Flat Earth’ has lost all signs of intelligent life. Get past the impossibility. Grab your Bible and do the homework. Look at the even bigger picture like who built the dome, and why? That’s when things get interesting for the Christian, and things start opening up. The spinning ball globe illusion has run its course over the last 500 years created by Nicholas Copernicus, and the Free Masons since 1957. This is the biggest secret among secret societies.

    There are over 240 Scriptures in the Bible that prove the earth is flat. Here is a short list placed in proper order. (Job 38:4) where wast thou when I laid the foundation of the earth? (2 Samuel 22:16) the foundation of the world. (1 Samuel 2:8) for the pillars of the earth are JESUS’ and He has set the world upon them. (Job 38:6) Who laid the cornerstone? (Isaiah 40:22 (ISV)). It is Jesus that sits upon the [DISK] of the earth! (Genesis 1:9) let the dry land appear. (Genesis 1:6-8) the firmament, vast expanse, vaulted dome. (Job 37:18) spread out the sky, which is strong and as a molten looking glass. (Genesis 1:14) God created the sun on the fourth day. (Genesis 1:16) and [JESUS THE FATHER] made the sun, the moon, and the stars. (Genesis says nothing about planets). (Habakkuk 3:11) the sun and the moon stood still in there habitation. (the sun is not the center of the universe, the sun and the moon orbit around earth) (Genesis 1:9) let the water under Heaven be gathered together into one place. (Job 38:13) the ends of the earth. (Isaiah 11:12) the four corners of the earth. (Job 26:10) He compassed the oceans waters with an ice wall boundary that the oceans waters may not pass over. (the Antarctica is that ice wall boundary) Some versions of the Bible say “He inscribed a circle.” A circle is flat, which is different than a ball or sphere standing up. The word circle is used many times in the Scriptures. A circle does not mean a round ball or a sphere that stands up spinning, rotating, or orbiting throu empty space. A circle lies flat on the ground. (Psalms 93:1) the earth cannot be moved forever. (1 Chronicles 16:30) the earth is stable it cannot be moved. (Zechariah 1:11) all the earth sits quietly and is at rest. (Habakkuk 3:11) the [sun] and the [moon] [stood still] in there habitation (because the [sun] and the [moon] orbit around
    a motionless Flat Earth). (Enoch 3:72) the earth is the center of the universe where the [sun] and the [moon] follow their courses and there seasons. The [sun] has its rising portals and the [moon] has it’s six portals. The earth is stationary, immovable, forever. (Revelation 1:7) behold [JESUS] comes with the clouds and every [man’s eyes] shall see Him. The [only way] every [man’s eye] can see [JESUS] as [He] descends in the clouds is if “The Earth is Flat.”

    Just this was only 23 Scriptures. There are “ONLY” 217 more…


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