Weird Taxidermy from Victorian Times

Rabbits’ Village School, Circa 1888

Huhh, this is creepy as hell. These images come from Walter Potter (1835-1918) who was an amateur taxidermist and built tableaux that became icons of Victorian whimsy. A new book by historian of taxidermy Dr Pat Morris and New York-based artist and curator Joanna Ebenstein seeks to celebrate the now-dispersed collection with new photos of his best-loved works. For more info see.

Rabbits’ Village School, c 1888. The Lower Five; Late Nineteenth Century. The Kittens’ Tea & Croquet Party

The Kittens’ Wedding; c.1890 The Kittens’ Wedding; c 1890 The Kittens’ Wedding; circa 1890 The Kittens’ Wedding; Circa 1890
The Upper Ten, Circa 1880. The Death & Burial of Cock Robin, 1861. Monkey riding a goat weird_taxidermy_vintage_111114_12
A kitten with two bodies, fused at the head Vintage photo of Potters's Museum at Bramber


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