Wild Animals Start Roaming City Streets Abandoned Due to Coronavirus

As quarantines and lockdowns roll out in an increasing number of countries because of the coronavirus, more and more people are reatreating from the streets to self-isolate at home. Naturally (wow, yes that’s the best word for it), this doesn’t go unnoticed by wild animals, who have started reclaiming what civilization has taken away from them. Here are some of the sightings by people in lockdown from all around the world.

Coyote on the streets of San Francisco during the coronavirus ‘shelter in place’ order

Image credit: JelCapitan

Malaysia has been in movement control order. This is 10 days into the lockdown.

A Malabar civet – a critically endangered mammal not seen since the 90’s – resurfaces during the lockdown

Video credit: dgrieshnak

People in Nara, Japan reported seeing deer that usually stay in the park roam out onto the streets

Image credit: okadennis
Image credit: okadennis
Image credit: okadennis
Image credit: okadennis
Image credit: okadennis
Image credit: okadennis

This video shows a swarm of starving monkeys in a city plaza in Lopburi, Thailand

Posted by Sasaluk Rattanachai on Tuesday, March 10, 2020

A coyote enjoys the view while the tourists are away

Image credit: Becca Cook

One Italian Tumblr user reported seeing wild boars walking around

Image credits: taylorswifh
Image credits: taylorswifh

Another Italian reported another free-roaming animal: “In my hometown, a random horse appears”

Image credits: dopo-magari-lo-cambio

A fellow Italian responded with a picture of sheep roaming the streets

Any sightings on your side of the quarantine? Please share!


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