A Memento of How Hard Raves Were in the 90’s

Remember the Peacemaker Bus? Now this is the War-Ender Bus.


This Saviem bus, spotted near Toulouse, has been used as a sound system for rave parties. How cool… Here’s how it looked on 18.2.97, when it was spotted in Toulouse, France. Apparently, the original Saviem bus was converted by Julien Bordes, a french pensioner who spent 2 years working on it in a car park.

viaTraveller Dave
via Traveller’s Homes
via Just A Car Guy

And the final, rather sad, view:

via Just A Car Guy


  1. Sa fait mal au coeur de voir une merveille pareil à l’abandon? j’espère qu’il trouveras quelqu’un pour le sauvé! En tout cas j’en veux bien chez moi pour le restauré

  2. What is the other critter in the background of the next to last photo — looking like a streetcar but yet rubber tired? What did that begin life as?

  3. Where is the bus/sound system Now? I want to purchase it. Please send me any information you have where it can be found and who owns it. Whom ever can find it and give me away to reach the owner I will give a finders fee of 5% of whatever it takes to purchase.


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