All the Wires in a Car

Who would have thought that a car like the Bentley Bentayga (pictured below) has a whopping 50 kilograms of electrical wiring inside? It’s an incredible figure, considering that the electrical circuit of a muscle car in the ole days (before cars were overridden with electricity) barely weighed 5 kilograms.

electrical wiring car

In the Bentley Bentayga 90 separate ECUs process 100 million lines of code which make up the software of this great luxury SUV and define the operation of all its electrical components. The Bentley Bentayga has a total of 90 control modules connected in a network supervised by the central computer.

electrical wiring car

“Each network has a different primary use, but all are integrated to work together. We don’t have one sensor for one function; each sensor feeds information into several different functions,” says Stuart White, team lead of the Bentayga’s electrical system.


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