Here’s a World Map Centered on New Zealand, Instead of Britain (For a Change)

You wonder why New Zealand keeps being left off world maps? Probably not, except if you are fom New Zealand yourself. Still, it happens a lot and something had to be done about it.

The sudden disappearance of a country of 4.7 million people. MAPSWIRE/CC BY 4.0 (EDITED BY ATLAS OBSCURA)

Okay, New Zealand is not exactly huge but then the British Isles are in similar in size and somehow they are never left off the world map. The country would acually make the ninth largest American state by land area, just slipping in between Colorado and Wyoming. But for some reason, it keeps being wiped from the map, and, needless to say, New Zealanders aren’t happy about it.

Nevertheless, one social media user has now put it all right, for good and all. This New Zealand-centered world map by Paradoxical Cabbage makes up for all the past suffering.

Image credit: Paradoxical Cabbage

And really, why not? There’s no particular reason to position the world map according to the Mercator projection, placing New Zealand in the bottom right-hand corner of the world, and Europe in the center. That way, New Zealand’s spot in the hinterlands of the Pacific make it easy to misplace with a thoughtless crop. And most probably that’s exactly what happens when New Zealandless world maps appear.

Indeed, New Zealand could just as well be in the center of the world, with everywhere else pivoting around it. That way, it is much, much harder to accidentally lop it off.

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  1. Super! It is very correct that you emphasize that New Zealand is being ignored on the maps of the world. I really like the way the map looks with New Zealand in the lower right corner of the world.


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