The Bizarre Mystery Of The Skeleton Lake

A deadly mystery.

This Hero Rat Awarded Gold Medal For Saving Human Lives Is Having a Retirement Party

A rat hero in Cambodia is retiring this month. Hats off to him!

Portals Built in Lithuania and Poland Allow People to See Each Other in Real Time

Tired of pandemic travel restrictions and eager to get out and see new people? Why not try a real-time "portal" to another city?

China Plans to Build An Underwater Train Line To The USA

China is closer than you think.

This Street, That Street, The Other Street: When Canada Runs Out of Street Names

"Hey man, which street you on?" "Oh, that street" "This street?" "No, that street!"

World’s Largest Iceberg Shown Breaking Off Antarctica Ice Shelf In Satellite Images

A massive iceberg half the size of Puerto Rico sheared off from the frozen edge of Antarctica into the Weddell Sea, becoming the largest iceberg afloat.
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