Scientists Are Surprised to Find Out That Many Australian Mammals Glow Under UV Light

Turns out platypuses and many other Australian mammals and marsupials glow under UV light.

This Is What Life Is Like on the World’s Remotest Inhabited Island

As evidenced by this map, Pitcairn Island is farther from any continent than any other inhabited island.

People Are Posting Time Lapse Videos of How Much Their House Plants Move During a Day and They Are Mesmerizing

They might seem motionless but plants continuously move throughout the day.

Copenhagen is Building Floating Parks in Its Harbor for Residents to Chill Out

The world's first "parkipelago" is in the making in Copenhagen.

This Australian Town Was Built Underground Because of the Heat

In the middle of Australia, there's a place where people live, worship, and shop underground.

The Oldest Restaurant in Every U.S. State

The oldest eateries in the U.S.

Cities in the Sky: Top 50 Highest Metropolises in the World

The cities where you can be the highest.

This Mysterious ‘Crop Circle’ Forest in Japan Is the Result of a 50-Year-Old Experiment

The unique shape of this forest in Japan has been drawing attention from around the world.
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