Literal Meaning of Country Names Around the World

According to Credit Card Compare, where this comes from, “Learning the etymology – the origin of words – of countries around the world offers us fascinating insight into the origins of some of our favorite travel destinations and the people who first lived there.”

Well, we’re not sure about the “people who first lived there” part, but some of these (attributed?) original country names definitely provide room for debate. In an earlier version, for example, Hungary was interpreted as “10 arrows”, but now it’s “Land of the Magyars”, which would be a more obvious option. And the rest of the “literal” meanings of country names could also require some more thorough discussion.

So what do you think about the literal meaning of your country’s name (and that of others)? Sound or not?

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  1. Gilgit Baltistan and Kashmir are integral, gorgeous and prosperous parts of Pakistan! Where are these northern areas of ours in this so called map?

    What are you trying to do? Cut down the size of our country and merge it to india online? Tsktsk!


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