Tram Crossing the Great Hungarian Puszta

No, this is not the ancestor the tram-train they are building  between Szeged and Hódmezővásárhely right now. This is is a proper city tram from Budapest crossing the Hungarian ‘puszta’ (a treeless plain in Hungary, a steppe). Read the story of the photo below.

tram in the hungarian puszta
Photo: Albert Kozák / Városliget Café

The meeting of the sweep-pole well with tram No. 51 of Budapest may appear to be a surrealistic painting, but it was indeed reality a couple of decades ago. Photographer Albert Kozák decided to travel all the way to the tram’s terminal station, as it appeared to be ‘off the map’. And indeed, to his greatest surprise, from the tram window he discovered this ‘genre painting’ from the Hungarian puszta where sweep-pole wells were (and at some places are still) used to water the animals. He got off immediately, walked back and waited for the next tram to come. The photo is not posed, although Kozák admits he yelled at the puli (a traditional Hungarian shepherd breed) to move a little…

via Urbanista


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