These Viral Visual Explanations Are Spreading Information About COVID-19 Extremely Effectively

This animation shows how the exponential spread of the virus can be slowed by simple measures such as working at home and not attending barbecues.

These amazing illustrations by cartoonist Toby Morris and microbiologist Siouxsie Wiles explaining the importance of social distancing during the coronavirus outbreak have gone viral after they were published by New Zealand webiste The Spinoff.

The playful images visualise the pressure on the healthcare system, compare coronavirus symptoms with those of other viruses, and list possible non-contact greetings that can reduce chances of catching or spreading the disease.

This chart helps people work out if they have Covid-19 symptoms.
alternatives to handshakes coronavirus animation
Simple actions such as working from home and using non-contact greetings can slow the virus.
This animation shows how “flattening the curve” can prevent healthcare systems being overwhelmed.
This animation shows how being careful – yet not panicking – can ease the burden on the health care system.

Morris is one of many creatives to have grabbed their pens in response to the outbreak to help circulate helpful advice. They believe that designers play an important role in cutting through the noise of the crisis to help offer clarity.

Frankly, we couldn’t agree more.

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