Can you find out what he is painting?

The revelation comes at the end.

Bake Bread

I am sure these guys will make you want to bake bread asap.

How to Make an Animated GIF of Any Moment in Any YouTube Video

I just did this animated GIF from a YouTube video. Here's how.

Octopus Houdini

"Like fitting a camel through the eye of a needle."

Innovative & Creative Statues

I wish we saw more of these in our cities and deserts.

The Wall of Resistance, Turkey

Direnudvar is the interactive "Wall of Resistance" of Turkey. The content is created by the visitors.

Look Around on Mars

The landscape is a bit monotone, but it is the Mars...!!!

Creepy Wikipedia Articles

Yupp, these articles will give you a solid creepy feeling 136 times.

Rob Wants…

What does Rob want? Check it out here.

Weirdo Foot Gear Mega Collection

I originally meant this as a post mainly for ladies (after all those tech news), but then...

This Week in Tech (August 8-15, 2014)

The week's tech news for your pleasure.

Enter Pyongyang

A rare glimpse into the life of North Korea. Looks like a propaganda video made by Westerners, but at least you can see Pyongyang in ‘color’.