Pig Related Nicknames of US States

Craw Trumpers and Clam Catchers, I don’t know how to pan handle these suckers (click to enlarge).

The above sentence has nothing to do with poitics. This map of pig-related nicknames of U.S.states by Mackwitz dates back to 1884. The map is related to pigs through the company that produced it: H.W. Hill & Co. They were the sole manufacturers of Hill’s hog ringers, Hill’s triangular rings, calf and cow weaners, stock markers &c. On the map, we see one pig per state or territory, each with one of H.W. Hill’s trademarked triangles through its nose.

But its main attraction were not H.W. Hill’s markers, weaners and rings. It was mailed out – for five one-cent stamps – as a tableau entitled: “Nicknames of the States”. It’s always interesting to see what names you’re being called by others, and to know how to return it.

via Big Think


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