You’re Supposed to Spend This Much Time Reading the Terms of Service of Major Apps

Have you ever ventured to read those Terms of Service. No? You were probably right.

The Internet is full of apps and internet services that ask to-be users to agree to their service agreement. Most of us automatically click on “agree” and move on, being well aware that reading the service agreements could put them to sleep before getting the desired app.

This infographic by the Visual Capitalist takes inspiration from designer Dima Yarovinsky’s project titled “I Agree.” It visualizes the length of service agreements, by counting the words and calculating how long it would take users to read each one.

On average, adults can read about 200 to 250 words per minute (wpm). College students, probably because they are very studious and not skimming, can go up to around 300 words per minute. For the sake of this analysis, reading times were calculated using the average of 240 wpm.

(Click image to enlarge)


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